Summer 2024

Wednesday Men's Over 35 (0 openings)
 "Off Constantly"  BYE WEEK
 Honey Badgers  Mongrels FC
 Mountain Lager FC  Off Constantly
 Old Castle  Panic Station
 Perros Viejos  Redimi2
 Resto Del Mundo  Rude Fools
 Toros FC  

Thursday Women's B (0 openings)
 Cobalt Chaos  Crimson Phoenix
 Emerald Predators  Goal Diggers
 Ivory Mayham  Steele Marauders

Friday Coed (0 openings)
 Collision Course  FC Extreme
 Futball Is Life!  Goalpost Huggers
 Hellcats  It's Fine
 Old Chub Athletic  Pace Setters FC
 Red Velvet  Thunder Chicken FC

Sunday Coed B (0 openings)
 Clammy Hammys  Everything Hurts FC
 No Shows  Not Free Agents
 Overconfident and Underprepared  Predators
 Rice Krispies  Soccer Fam

Sunday Coed C (0 openings)
 BYE WEEK  Dead Beats
 Slackers  Strikers
 Suicide Squad  The Misfits

Sunday Women's B (0 openings)
 Dye Running  Flying Squirrels
 Goal Trolls  Honey Badgers
 Narwhals  Ragin Roos